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Safety Skiver/Beveller
Safety Skiver/Beveller
Safety Skiver/Beveller

Safety Skiver/Beveller

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Shaped to prevent cutting leather too deeply the Safety Skiver  skives (thins)  leather easily

Using a replaceable blade and supplied with 3 extra blades in a handy reusable container so that you can make sure it’s always sharp.

Replacement Blades available here; 

 To use draw the tool towards yourself at a slight angle  to perform a precise skive. The curve of the blade allows you to taper leather edges to a fine point

 Don Gonzales of Gonzales Saddlery has some easy little adjustments that you can make to the Safety Skiver that really improves the way it skives.  

Check out his video on YouTube here:


Remember The key to successful skiving is always using  a  sharp blade. 

If your skiver sticks,  the blade is blunt and should be replaced.