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Glue Jar/Glue Pot (Glass) Large 8oz / 500ml
Glue Jar/Glue Pot (Glass) Large 8oz / 500ml

Glue Jar/Glue Pot (Glass) Large 8oz / 500ml

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Never waste contact glue again!!!!!

Made of amber glass with a built-in brush. The amber glass jar allows you to see exactly how much glue you have left and protects the contents from UV light which can dry & thicken adhesive. The airtight seal of the threaded lid keeps glue airtight which also stops glue solvents from evaporating and becoming thick. 

The design of the glue brush allows it to be adjusted to suit the level of glue in the jar, making gluing much more efficient and much less messy. 

The glue pot holds 8oz / 500ml of glue and has an air-tight seal to keep your brush and glue from drying out.

Stop the glue from drying out around the lid by applying Vaseline to the rim of the jar. 

I absolutely love this Glue Jar! It makes gluing mess-free, easy, and no more dried out glue

Replacement brush tips are available, they unscrew and are easily changeable.

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