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Why use Wickett & Craig and Hermann Oak Leather over other Veg Tanned Leathers?

Vegetable tanned leather is the preferred leather for leathercrafting. 

Go to W&C Leather                     Go to HO Leather  

All veg tan leather is good leather but, some are better and if you want a leather that;

  • works with you and not against you,
  • cuts like butter and burnishes beautifully,
  • you can be sure will make a beautiful product

Then you can’t go past Wickett & Craig and Hermann Oak Leather.

Have you ever tooled or carved leather and felt that the leather just wasn’t doing what you wanted it to do, not making crisp lines and fighting against you. 
Then you owe it to yourself to try W&C & HO.
W&C and HO work with you, your tooling will have a beautiful full body to it with crisp edges and clear lines.
Yes it is more expensive, BUT, at the end of the day you get what you pay for, better performing high end leather
Beginner  leathercrafters can fall into the trap of thinking that it is better to buy cheaper  leather to start with, then get disheartened when it is hard to get the results they want.
High end  leather is much easier to use and  gives beginners  confidence and inspires them to learn more when their projects turn out well.

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