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Resources for Leathercrafters

This is a list of just  my personal favourites.  There is a lot of information available on the internet

Dimensions in Leather Leathercrafting Conference - Queensland
A week long in person conference of  leathercrafting workshops by International and Australian Tutors.  7 days of nothing but leathercrafting & fun, mixing with leathercrafters from around Australia and learning from fantastic Tutors.  Organised by the Leathercrafters Association of Qld.  

Aussie Leathercrafters Group on Facebook
An excellent group set up to help leathercrafters.

Youtube Channels
Aaron Heizer – Maker’s Leather Supply.  America
Where you will find all the instruction Videos for our Templates and Patterns as well as all sorts of excellent tool tips and information about leathercrafting.  Aaron understands what its like to be a beginner and explains how to do things really well.
Please note there is some free content in this list but there may be costs to access some of the information on some of the sites.

Elktracks Studio USA – Jim Linnell            
Don Gonzales Saddlery Texas                    
Learn Leather USA                                      

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